Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s – Poem for Palestine

Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s – Poem for Palestine [with English Translation]

Falasteen Shuhadaa jo Pardes main kaam ayay

Main jahaan par bhi gaya arz e watan

Teri tazleel ke daaghon ki jalan dil mai liyay

Teri hurmat ke chiraaghon ki lagan dil mein liye

Teri ulfat, teri yaado ki kasak sath gayi

Teray naaranj shagoofon ki mehak saath gayee

Saray un dekhay rafeeqon ka jilo sath raha

Kitnay haathon se hum aghosh mera haath raha

Dur pardes ki bay-mehr guzargahon main

Ajnabi sheher ki bay-naam-o-nishaan rahon mai

Jiss zameen par bhi khula meray lahoo ka parcham

Leh-lahata hai wahan arz-e Falasteen ka Alem

Teray aada ne kiya aik Falasteen barbaad

Meray zakhmon ne kiye kitnay falasteen aabaad


For those Palestine Martyrs, who never returned home.

Wherever I wandered, oh the soil of my homeland.

I had the burn of the scars of your disgrace

I had in heart the hope of lamps lit in your reverence

Your love, the torment of your memories remained with me

The fragrance of your orange citrus went with me

I had with me support of all my unseen loved ones

My hands remains in company of the hands of my friends

Faraway in the unnamed lanes of unfamiliar lands

At the unnamed streets of a stranger city

Wherever I had opened the flag made of my blood

The flag of  my homeland Palestine waved there

Your opponents destroyed one Palestine.

But my wounds has given birth to many Palestines now.

faiz - poems for palestine

faiz - poems for palestine 2

faiz – poems for palestine 2

All poems of Faiz Ahmed Faiz are in Public Domain and can be reproduced and published without permission of Ravi Magazine.



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