Section of Passion: By Elsa Ish

Section of Passion: By Elsa Ish


Messy hair in morn in dizzy class,
Lifting my head with fear in class,
School ending with grades-full marks,
Pass the study with fear of ancestors laws,
End up with failure laws, dreamy in embarks,

I Forget the scar’s lies from black past,
Starting With lack sound with shark Last,
Weirdo looking without ma dream lord,
Please have mercy to give ma dream lord,
Such messy notepad hold for ma dream lord,

The pencil ash is so wonderful like ma dream lord,
I get it what I had to I took the pen for making lines oh,
I save ma life creating the section of passion lord,
I saw one bowl I get back to past for food Lord,
Thinking how is time like art of grace Lord,

The ash of pencil set my life after mess being grand,
My life hold the beggar past and honorable man present,
From broken flying from ashes of pencil the art born,
Yes its my passion for sake of my life merely,
The nature attract so I made him ma home.

The only dream I was dreaming its art,
What a fake people tell me to go wrong,
Honored I fell, asleep I can when I want,
Just because of my love pen ash art,
Ready for the region being pleasure and quite lord




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