Why we look at the dark side of things? Article by Muhammad Khan

Why we look at the dark side of things? Article by Muhammad Khan


Who do we only see on the dark side of the picture? Why are we so negative as a nation?

It is, indeed, true that our nation has been suffering from crisis since 14 August, 1947. It has been a prey of internal and external conspiracies. No one treated it like it deserved to be treated. Sometimes conditions are tolerable but people exploit them so much that they seem to be unbearable.

The behavior of people is threatening, sometimes. We have filled so much negativity in our brain that we see the side effects of everything we are willing to do. First, we look at the negative side of the task we are about to perform, then we add a glimpse of positivity in our intentions about the task. We must look at the positive and bright side of our mission. By looking at the positive side, we will have the confidence and power to do the work. If we just look from a pessimistic sight, we will lose confidence from the beginning.


GCU lahore



Sometimes, I see parents treat their children by telling them that they would have a worse future if they do not study hard. Little kids are told to send to the workshop if they do not study properly or not obey their parents. Somehow, we are promoting child labour by saying these words. Young boys are threatened to be kicked out of the house if they do not study hard. Teen girls, in some remote as well as developed areas, are forced to get married when they flunk in exams. Maybe their parents have pre-planned this premature marriage and “failure in exams” is just a veil to cover their conservative approach. The question is: why do people threaten, when they can convince others by showing them light. Now, instead of telling worst future and putting a fear of child labour in children’s mind, parents can tell them the benefits of studying hard and perks of obeying parents.


Parents can tell children that they would have a beautiful future if they study hard. It will boost their mental and physical ability to do work. It will help them focus on their goals. Instead of threatening teen boys of being kicked out from home, parents can counsel them in a pretty manner and give them positive advice. From childhood to teenage, a kid develops his mentality; if you put negativity in his brain, he will be negative and abusive. If you behave well with him and do positive deeds in front of him, he will surely become peace of mind for you in future.


Behaving well with women and daughters is not a cup of tea for most of the people living in this society. It is an altogether different topic. We have merged our culture and religion so much that we think we completely follow our religion, but, infact, we are actually following our culture in the name on Islam. our culture has protected women so much that it has suppressed some of their basic rights. I’m not saying that our culture is bad, but there are some things that are meant to be changed.


So, what do you think, from where did this negativity come from? From culture, society, from pessimistic behavior towards everything? Why should we not look at the bright side when it is more prominent? It is a question for the whole nation!


Muhammad Khan, FA – II, GCU Lahore



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