Why should we adopt the Japanese Education System?

Why should we adopt the Japanese Education System? By Iqra Jamal

While watching a documentary, I’ve discovered astonishing facts about the Japanese educational system. The children at the Japanese schools are extremely independent, responsible, and well-mannered. Where most of our schools teach children academic knowledge, they teach them good manners. Therefore, Japan is one of the world’s most disciplined, cleaned, and organized countries. They also have the lowest crime and corruption rates in the world.

They teach their children a sense of responsibility by allowing them to go to school on their own. Their parents do not escort them to school irrespective of their age. At school, they serve their food, wash their dishes, and clean their rooms themselves. Therefore, many of their schools have no janitor and maid. During kindergarten, the children are not compelled to memorize lessons for exams. Instead, they are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities and are tested by their manners. While crossing the roads, they never forget to bow down to pay gratitude to the stopping cars. Moreover, when the young kids reach home, the politeness doesn’t stop. They help their parents at home by doing laundry, buying groceries, cooking food, and washing clothes. What an impressive system that they are polite even to the machines. This is the outcome of a system and tradition that Japanese are practicing for more than 60 years.



It’s a fact that our childhood always has an impact on our adulthood. That’s why, the adults in Japan are too polite, responsible, and disciplined. They wait patiently for the passengers to get out of the buses. They do not cut the line even in an escalator. In one World Cup, the Japanese audience had cleaned the whole auditorium themselves. During the time of Covid-19 insurgency, the whole nation united to fight the contagious virus. So, these are some advantages of good manners that are taught during childhood.

This system as a role model needs to be executed into our education system. It is high time that government should rewrite the education policies. The educational allowance should be improved. The course content needs to be lessened particularly for the primary level. Participation in extracurricular activities and social work should be encouraged. Examination priorities need to be revised. Kids should be examined by testing their manners and behavior with friends. Both teachers, as well as the parents, should be professionally trained. They should be well-mannered and educated to teach youngsters politeness and etiquette. Ethical norms and prestigious character need to be preferred. If we want to make our kids like them, we should start it from today. It’s a moral duty of the parents at home and teachers in school to pay their best. It will, in return, make our nation most disciplined and organized.

Clarence Thomas once said:

“Good manners will open doors that the best education cannot.”


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