Vanishing Beauty: English poem by Iqra Jamal

Vanishing Beauty: English poem by Iqra Jamal

Carpeted, plain & compelling green – grass;
Spreading aroma, blossom smiley flowers,
Pine trees – the tallness can touch the sky;
Beauty & natural peace, that cherish the guy.

Their owner was that old & weary chap;
Watering the plants by taking long naps,
Wrinkled – face was he, offered me floral pots;
I accepted humbly because gift means a lot.

Innocent weeds, away from parental heed;
Merciful were they, so upset Indeed,
Putting them under sunlight & cleaning their dirt;
I looked after them by keeping in my heart.

One day, a ruthless & distorting storm came;
To seize their decorative – highly alluring fame,
Leaves have turned dry, drab & yellow;
Like that wrecked, old dying fellow.

Though, the beauty vanished leaving back dirt;
But, generosity of an old man will always be in my heart




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