Emergency ward, Bed no. 5: Ahmad Rayees

Emergency ward, Bed no. 5: Ahmad Rayees

I found her lamenting in agony on the bed
Like a hunted bird with broken wings
Her frail body was trembling in shudder
That Innocent girl Couldn’t take the tremors of betrayal

Her soul was gripped in pain and disbelief
As though that devil has stolen her soul and dreams
She was shocked to know that she is been abandoned
And Shivering like the lamb in a thorny bush Without escape

As her cries pierced through me and,I was in distress
When I approached her, she was numb and anxious
She wanted to share her pain only to me among others,
But I was afraid to break the wall of her loved ones

I looked at her eyes, and she looked at mine
We both were sailing through a different timescape
But she was stranger to me as I was to her,
As I tried to console her eyes with my angst eyes

The teary veil fell apart and those eyes became calm
She was stranger to me as I was to her
And I walked away through the corridor,
I walked away tormented and desolated

Knowing that we stood a pole apart
She is restless and I was helpless
she was stranger to me as I was to her




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