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Heatwave in Pakistan – By Kaneez Batool

Intensified temperature throughout the world upshot of the global warming but the heatwave (hot and humid weather) that struck Karachi was among the worse results of global warming. Global warming scorching weather all over the world genesising El-Nino. El- Nino causes warm water currents to flow across Pacific Ocean causing...

pharma report

Marketing At Ionics Pvt Ltd: Business Markting Report

  INTRODUCTION   In this day and age it is very hard to find the time or inclination for a bright idea to come by. It is even more difficult to follow such ideas right through to the very end. We decided to break this monotony and  take a risk....

time management

Personal & Time Management: Free MBA Report

  Table of Contents   Topic Page No. Introduction 2 Time Management 4 Time Management Plan 11 Motivation & Goal Setting Worksheet 14 Planning Study Time 15 Study Tactics Checklist 17 Time Management for Unmanageable People 19 Procrastination 23 INTRODUCTION Whenever we meet someone with a special flair of getting...

Allama Iqbal - Dr. Annemarie Schimmel

Aristotle: In Kalam of Allama Iqbal

    Aristotle was born in Stagira in Greece in 384 B.C. At the age of eighteen he went to Athens to study in Plato’s Academy where he re­mained for twenty years. Then he moved to Macedon where he became tutor to Alexander, who later became Alexander the Great. When...

iqbal and socrates

Socrates: In Kalam of Allama Iqbal

  Socrates was born in 469 BC and lived through the golden age of Athens. In the early years he saw military service, but then he took to the philosophical and mystical way. He adopted the dialectic way of teaching. In his talks with the people he would ask simple...

leather industry pakistan

Leather Industry of Pakistan: In-depth Analysis

  1. Introduction   The leather industry in Pakistan is a fast developing industrial sector of the country both in terms of its qualitative as well as export growth. Over the years this industry has achieved such a remarkable position in the economic development of the country that it now...

women fetching water

غزل کاوش عباسی – Urdu Ghazal by Kawish Abbasi

غزل   چھوڑی ہر اِک خوش انجمن ہم نے غم چُنا اور اکیلا پن ہم نے اشک ِ سوزاں سے سبز حال رکھا یار کی یاد کا چمن ہم نے سب نے چھوڑا جسے بہ خوف ِزیاں خوں سے سینچی وہی لگن ہم نے سینوں میں ہر گھڑی گڑی دیکھی...

Bano Qudsia, 1928 - 2017

Bano Appa [Bano Qusdia], another famous Ravian, passes away

Bano Appa [Bano Qusdia], another famous Ravian, left us yesterday. Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un إِنَّا للهِ وَإِنَّـا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعونَ‎‎. Ashfaq Ahmed and Bano Qudsia were both Ravians, who defined the play-writing genre in Pakistan. Bano Appa’s Raja Gidh is considered one of the greatest Urdu Novels. .