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Poem by Urooj Nisar

Breaking free You never made me feel special Yet i chased you like a fool You took me for granted But how long this could go on So l left as i felt stupid I broke free from the shackels Fallacy Yes i left you But i never moved on...

Famous Ravians

Crème de la crème of Pakistan & India: A Snapshot of few Notable Ravians

Ravi Magazine banner showing Famous Old Ravians, GCU Lahore’s Notable Alumni If we have to name one South Asian academic institution, whose alumni influenced its history, politics, literature and arts like no other, GCU Lahore has no competition. At GCU’s 150 years anniversary and celebrations, GCU’s Vice Chancellor proudly bragged that although Pakistan have only...


Conversation with Mukul Kesavan – R. Ansari

    Mukul Kesavan is the author of Looking Through Glass (Farrar, Straus, Giroux: New York, 1994) and is working on his second novel (a chapter of which is included in The Vintage Book of Indian Writing 1947-97). At about the same time as the Pakistani and Indian foreign ministers...

Hanif Ramay Grave 0

Hanif Ramay’s grave at DHA cemetery

During my visit to my grandmother’s grave at DHA Z Block Lahore Cemetery, I observed the grave of Hanif Ramay closeby. Muhammad Haneef Ramay, a distinguished Ravian, excelled in many art forms besides his obvious political career, which included poetry and sketching. Below is some photos of the grave:    

union bank pakistan

Union Bank Pakistan: Business Report

Union Bank Pakistan: Business Report THE COMPANY PROFILE BASIC INDUSTRY KNOWLEDGE:-   Union bank established in 1991 had very little knowledge about the banking sector here in Pakistan. As a new organization Union Bank started as a bank with diversified investment facilities providing loan means to the basic industry sector...

The Heart: Poem by Urooj Nisar

The Heart They always regard me as fragile But i am just compassionate They pushed their agonies onto me So i take away their pain Enabling them to survive Yet they say i am frail Yes, i am breakable but strong Becuase i always hold onto them I am their...