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Free Research Reports and Academic Studies on Pakistan Industries

Cement Industry of Pakistan

Lucky Cement Limited Annual Report – Financial Statements Analysis

  Since the report is Spreadsheet based, for better formatting, below report can be downloaded in XLS [MS Excel] format here.     Lucky Cement Limited Annual Report 1999 CONTENTS Company Information Notice of Meeting Directors’ Report Au   lance Sheet Profit & Loss Account Statement of Changes in Financial...

Oil Industry Pakistan

Cost Management of a Pakistani Factory

  Below report provides an analysis of Cost Management in terms of different Human Resource positions and roles in typical Pakistani factory:   Name Position Department Location Report To No. Of Direct Reports No. Of Staff Reporting Directly Or Indirectlyaddress1 Purpose Of The Job Authority Limits Responsibilities Fuad Azam Site...


Heatwave in Pakistan – By Kaneez Batool

Intensified temperature throughout the world upshot of the global warming but the heatwave (hot and humid weather) that struck Karachi was among the worse results of global warming. Global warming scorching weather all over the world genesising El-Nino. El- Nino causes warm water currents to flow across Pacific Ocean causing...

pharma report

Marketing At Ionics Pvt Ltd: Business Markting Report

  INTRODUCTION   In this day and age it is very hard to find the time or inclination for a bright idea to come by. It is even more difficult to follow such ideas right through to the very end. We decided to break this monotony and  take a risk....

time management

Personal & Time Management: Free MBA Report

  Table of Contents   Topic Page No. Introduction 2 Time Management 4 Time Management Plan 11 Motivation & Goal Setting Worksheet 14 Planning Study Time 15 Study Tactics Checklist 17 Time Management for Unmanageable People 19 Procrastination 23 INTRODUCTION Whenever we meet someone with a special flair of getting...

leather industry pakistan

Leather Industry of Pakistan: In-depth Analysis

  1. Introduction   The leather industry in Pakistan is a fast developing industrial sector of the country both in terms of its qualitative as well as export growth. Over the years this industry has achieved such a remarkable position in the economic development of the country that it now... avatars

Reality through computer-generated worlds: Digital Avatars and representation

Reality through computer-generated worlds: Digital Avatars and representation   W. Khalid[1] and Dionysius. S. Demetis[2]   Introduction   Man’s yearning to represent and reproduce himself in different ways and via different schemas (notational or not) is certainly not a contemporary phenomenon. This innate urge has always inspired him to quest...

methods in business research

Methods in Business Research: Blazon Advertising Agency

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY   Mr. Irfan M. Khan, Chief Co-ordinator, Marketing of Blazon Advertising Agency gave us a research project to work on. This particular research project was related to the electronic media advertising branch of Blazon as is evident by their management problem: “What is the most feasible television channel  and...

methods in business research

Methods in Business Research: Report on Philips Argenta Komfort

This reports is aimed at Methods in Business Research for a Live case of Philips Argenta Komfort.  The management problem is that sales of Argenta Komfort have been falling for the past six months, hence this study will analyze data around issue from different dimensions.   Table of contents Introduction———————————————————————————-...

boc gases report

MBA Report on Industrial Environment: BOC Gases

  The Industrial Gases sector is oligopolistic in nature, dominated by only three players namely BOCP and Bawany Air Products.  Both operate in eight market sectors: Manufacturing, fabrication, construction, metals processing, chemicals, petrochemicals, oil and gas and glass. The Health Care sector is characterized by the same two giants, with...

Government College University

Address For Companies HR For Internship In Pakistan

Are you looking for address of Pakistani Companies’ Human Resource [HR] for Internship & Job Applications? Pls see 500+ addresses to send your Resume’ to.   To: The Human Resource Coordinator 3M Pakistan Ltd. Islamic Chamber Building, St. 2/A, Block – 9 KDA Scheme-5, Clifton Karachi.                                                                         Ph: 111-2255-36,  Fax: 5877865...


Strategic Management At Boc Gases Pakistan Limited

DETAILED NOTES ON EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENT     BOCP’s performance is especially sensitive to growth and investment in the Engineering and Fabrication, Chemical and Pharmaceutical, Petrochemical and Glass industries.   Engineering and Fabrication Steel production and processing, a subset of ‘Engineering and Fabrication’ sector, has historically accounted for 60% to 70%...