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tahzeeb akhlaaq

Life and Works of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan – Prof. Hamid Hassan Qadri

Tahzeeb Akhlaaq is the renowned Urdu Journal of Ali Garh University India, first published by its founder Syed Ahmad Khan. Following his visit in London, Syed Ahmad was immensely inspired by Spectator and Tetlor journals, and upon his return to India, he initiated Tahzeeb Akhlaaq on the same narrative such as social-political issues...

Eqbal Ahmed

Eqbal Ahmad: A true struggle. A true man – By Edward Said

Edward Said is a distinguished Palestinian-American writer. He has written many world acclaimed works on the Palestinian quest ion His scholarly work Orientalism is highly influential in challenging western perceptions of the Orient. Eqbal Ahmad, one of the most brilliant and unusual political thinkers and activists of the last 35 years, died...


“Chip on the Shoulder” Economics – By A. Samad

“Chip on the shoulder” economics – By A. Samad “Prejudice” is the hallmark of much of our thinking. Upon first impression, we like to slot people into ‘biradris’, sects, socio-economic classes, ethnic classes and according to their orientation towards the West. Thereafter, whatever that person might say will be regarded...

Karachi Monsoon

Karachi Monsoon by S. Mahmood

Karachi Monsoon by S. Mahmood The monsoons have finally arrived. And that too in dramatic fashion. It is quite fitting a day for the monsoons to have started in our very own city of lights (or no lights or hypothetical lights). The biggest power breakdown of the summer, the SBP giving...

Pakistan Map

Issues with Pakistani Foreign Policy – By F. R. Khan

Issues with Pakistani Foreign Policy – By F. R. Khan   As the Pakistani foreign policy enters the new century, it is confronted with a multitude of problems, whose resolution will eventually determine its vision and capacity to effectively portray Pakistan’s interest on the world scene. Pakistani foreign policy was...


The Sole Statesman – By Ardeshir Cowasjee

Ardeshir Cowasjee was an eminent columnist, famed for being a vocal critic of corrupt statesmen of Pakistan. His article ‘The Sole Statesman’ on Muhammad Ali Jinnah has several versions. Following is a rare version that he contributed to The Ravi in 2001.              


Three Arguments Against a War – By U. Raja

  Three Arguments Against a War – By U. Raja   Note: This article dates back to 2003 and produced as reference only.     As America prepares for war, I want to present three arguments for peace: My first argument supports those who oppose offensive wars, and are thus...

Iss Qaqt

The Environmental Movement – Whose Movement? – B. Jafri

  The Environmental Movement – Whose Movement? – B. Jafri   Are`nt all of us a part of the Environment? It seems like a somewhat inane question, doesn`t it? Of course the environment belongs to everybody, and the environmental movement should, theoretically at least, belong to everybody. Yet the movement remains relatively...

babri masjid

The Mandir Mirage by Farzana Versey

The Mandir Mirage – by Farzana Versey They will do anything at all. They will do anything at all. What confounds me is that people are going to believe the sheer absurdity they are dishing out because it sounds plausible and certainly good. My question is: For those with such political sagacity,...

imran khan

Open Letter to Imran Khan – By. Z. Said

You compare yourself to your idols like Ataturk and Ardogan of Turkey, but what is your stance on nonsensical dogma that spreads throughout our villages like a virus.   Dear Sir, The romantic whirlwind of your infamous Lahore rally still lingers in our hearts. However, there is something important that...

canada flag

The Canadian Dream: Never Fulfilled – By S. Shah

    Global demographics show that it is the era of the foreigner from Asia. But, as the digital divide keeps people away from information, the immigrant divide keeps foreign qualified professionals from their profession of choice. Global demographics show that it is the era of the foreigner from Asia....


The Vicious Circle of Violence, by M.A.Baig

  The TV screens in every Indian home have shown us the savage joy on the faces of the goons who recently attacked poor non Maharashtrians in Mumbai that was little different from the faces of the fanatics who had attacked Sikhs, Muslims and other racial or religious minorities in...


Caught In Between – By A. Sarwari

    The Author penned this article immediately after Sept 11. It is reproduced here for reference.  In an attack that killed indiscriminately on September 11th 2001, one can clearly state that it is a war on all humanity. The world trade center encompassed in it the almost utopia-like belief where all the flags form...

US wants you

Western Imperialism: It’s Causes, and It’s Impact on the World

Western Imperialism: It’s Causes, and It’s Impact on the World – By R. Rizvi The nature of political revolutions in the West was as such that equality and basic human rights formed its very foundations. Nonetheless, the same people who claimed their inalienable rights by virtue of principles of fundamental...