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The Taste of Eid: Poem by Bina Shah

The Taste of Eid: Poem by Bina Shah The taste of this Eid was bittersweet On the one hand, the cloying sugar-burst of prepared dishes jelabies and dudh siwayas and sheer khurma hitting the back of the throat with the ferocity of rain after a month of drought the heavy...

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Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s Ghazal Gulon Mein Rang Bhare

گلوں میں رنگ بھرے باد نوبہار چلے چلے بھی آو کے گلشن کا کاروبار چلے قفس اداس ہے یارو صبا سے کچھ تو کہو کہیں تو بہر خدا آج ذکر یار چلے کہیں تو صبح تیرے کنج لب سے ہو آغاز کبھی تو شب سر کاکل سے مشکبار چلے بڑا...

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American Amavasya – Poem by N Bajpai

American Amavasya – Poem by N Bajpai Winter They rush out to Dance in falling flakes Nor’easter blankets Monsoon madness Quietly Spring Trees open Tender shoots emerge Dye eggs in Holi colors Earth leans into Surya’s embrace Life hums awake Again Summer Sprinklers twirl For diamond skies I rub salt...

Allama Iqbal letter to Atiya Faizi [Atiya Fyzee-Rahamin]

  Excerpted and translated from: 101 Masterpieces of Allama Iqbal’s Letters. (Allama Iqbal kay 101 Shahkaar Khatoot); Compiled by Abdul Rabb Qurayshi [Beacon Books, Lahore, 2006]. [1] Makhzan was an Urdu periodical. [2] This was a Persian hemistich. Allama letters and diary ‘Stray Reflection‘ are in Public Domain.    17th...

Mevlana Rumi Shrine, Konya [Turkey]

Rumi’s Shrine [Mevlana Museum] in Konya, Turkey.

  Allama Iqbal expressed his gratitude and reverence for Mevlana Rumi, in many places, which includes his Poem ‘Letter from Europe’ about Rumi from Baal-e-Jibreel. يورپ سے ايک خط ہم خوگر محسوس ہيں ساحل کے خريدار اک بحر پر آشوب و پر اسرار ہے رومي تو بھي ہے اسي قافلہء...


کاوش عباسی – قطعہ : Urdu Poem by Kawish Abbasi

صاف مُکرنا جھوُٹے خواب تھما دینے سے اچھا ہے سامنا کرنا ریت میں سر کو دبا لینے سے اچھا ہے اک بحرِ ذخّار ہے فکر ِاَزل تو اس کے تھپیڑوں کی مار میں رہنا ، ساحل پر کشتی کھینے سے اچھا ہے کاوش عباسی

Allama Iqbal’s Javed Nama in Arabic

  Allama Iqbal’s Javed Nama is considered the Big 4 of Persian mystic Literature, the other three being Hafiz’s Diwan, Saadi’s Gulistan, and Rumi’s Masnavi Maanvi. Iqbal holds a unique position in this league since his mother native language was not Persian. Javed Nama tells about Iqbal spiritual visitor as...

alexander the great

Alexander the Great: In Kalam-e-Iqbal

Alexander the Great was born in Macedon in Greece in 356 B.C. On the death of his father Philip he came to the throne of Macedon at a young age. Soon after he embarked on a career of conquest. He marched to Egypt where he razed Thebes to the ground,...