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The Taste of Eid: Poem by Bina Shah

The Taste of Eid: Poem by Bina Shah The taste of this Eid was bittersweet On the one hand, the cloying sugar-burst of prepared dishes jelabies and dudh siwayas and sheer khurma hitting the back of the throat with the ferocity of rain after a month of drought the heavy...

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The Ancient Art of Making Gurrha – By Zeejah

The Ancient Art of Making Gurrha/Gurr – By Zeejah Ready to eat! Winter is the time for gurrha. As a child I remember it was always served after meals. My grandfather used to say it made the breath sweeter after eating radishes and onions; it also satisfied his forbidden sweet...

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The Iftaar Party Scene – By A. Ali

I felt my sense of humour igniting as I stood like a typical Lucknow girl at what appeared to be the start of a buffet line at an Iftaar gathering at a club. There were about 10 minutes left in Iftaar and Amir Liaquat was on a television set plugged...